Print Versions of Volkstumskarte

In the early 2000s, while working at McGill University Map Collection, I stumbled across the four incomplete series of the Volkstumskarte, and I was immediately struck by the complexity and controversial aspects of these maps.  It is important to note that McGill University received these maps via the Library of Congress Map Exchange program in the early 1950s. Some of these maps also have the stamps of the Army Map Service, of the US Military. McGill’s print copy of the Volkstumskarte maps are now available through the Rare Books and Special Collections, at McGill University Library. 

The William C. Wonders Map Collection at University of Alberta also has a copy of the four sets of maps (with the exception of the first sheet of Romania).  The origin of these maps are unknown. The digital copies of the Volkstumskarte maps on this website are scans of the print version located at the William C. Wonders Map Collection.  A scan of the first sheet of the Romania series was acquired courtesy of the Harvard University Map Collection. 

Several American  and European University Libraries have sets of one or more of the Volkstumskarte. The national libraries of Denmark and France also have copies.

Last edited by Rosa Orlandini on July 1, 2013